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Deconstructed beef lasagna, porcini pasta, porcini and comte cheese sauce, crisp beef tendons

Beef Bolognaise

300g ground beef

100g finely diced shallot

30g finely dice garlic

30g fresh thyme

300g Tomato bolognaise sauce

30g sliced fresh parsley

(1) In pan with olive oil lightly shallow fry shallot, garlic and thyme with no color

(2) Add ground beef, shallow fry until evenly browned

(3) Add Tomato bolognaise sauce and gentle simmer until sauce has reduced by 20%

(4) Season with salt and pepper, add parsley and serve

Porcini pasta

400g type OO pasta flour

350g Organic free range egg yolks

100g Dried porcini powder

(1) In a Robo coupe blend together all ingredients

(2) Place into a sous vide bag and vacuum full removing all air to compress dough together

(3) Allow to rest in the refrigerator for 4 hours prior to rolling

(4) Using a pasta machine roll pasta 1mm in thickness and cut into sheets

(5) Upon serving prepare a pan of well-seasoned water with extra virgin olive oil

(6) Take the water to a rolling boil and cook pasta for 30-45 seconds

Porcini and Comte cheese sauce

500g Milk

500g cream

150g butter

50g sherry

5g tarragon

75g Comte cheese

250g mushroom stock

15g dried porcini

10g thyme

(1) Reduce cream and milk by half, set aside

(2) In a pan place mushroom stock and dried porcini, reduce by half and set aside

(3) In a pan reduce sherry by half

(4) In a pan mix together cream milk reduction, mushroom stock/ porcini reduction and sherry reduction

(5) Return to heat and bring to a gentle simmer

(6) Whisk in butter and Comte cheese a little at a time until all butter is fully incorporated and all cheese is fully melted

(7) Remove from heat, add thyme, tarragon and set aside to infuse for 30 minuets

(8) Strain through a fine sieve and place into an espuma co2 charger and charge with 2 co2 canisters

Crisp beef tendons

100g Beef tendon

(1) Place Beef tendon into a pan and cover with water

(2) Simmer gently for 6 hours, until tendon is transparent and firm jelly like in consistency

(3) Remove tendon from water and allow to cool

(4) Once cool thinly slice tendon and place onto a silicon mat

(5) Dehydrate at 56oC for 12 hours

(6) Once dehydrated allow to sit uncovered at room temperature for a further 12 hours

(7) Fry and season

Confit porcini

200g fresh porcini mushroom

10g garlic

15g fresh thyme

150g beef dripping

(1) Clean porcini keeping the whole and intact

(2) Melt beef fat

(3) Place all ingredients into a sous vide bag and vacuum pack being careful not to crush the mushroom

(4) Cook at 90oC for 4 hours

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