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Goat`s cheese curd, pineapple tomato, strawberry, water cress, crisp wheat salad

Ingredient list

Pineapple tomato (blanched and skin removed)

Fresh strawberries (sliced)

Goat`s cheese curd

Extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt


Young water cress

Crisp wheat

Goat`s cheese curd recipe

3 egg yolk

125g cream

125g milk

120g Good quality Goat`s cheese

4g sea salt

(1) In a pan bring to boil cream and milk

(2) Add Goat`s cheese cheese and melt entirely

(3) In a bowl whisk together egg yolks, salt and cream, milk and cheese mix

(4) Return to pan and cook on a low heat continuously moving with a spatula until mixture reaches 80oC

(5) Pass through a fine sieve into a bowl over an ice bath until completely cool

(6) Retain in the fridge for later use

Crisp wheat

(1) In a pan of salted water boil wheat until tender

(2) Drain water, allow to dry and place on to tray with a silicon mat and place into the dehydrator over night until completely dry (if you do not have a dehydrator place in a warm dry place until completely dry.

(3) Fry until puffed and completely crisp

To serve

(1) Roughly cut pineapple tomato and dress with extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper to taste.

(2) Pipe 3 small piles of goat`s cheese curd into the bowl

(3) Add 5 pieces of the pineapple tomato and 3 pieces of strawberry

(4) Evenly sprinkle crisp wheat over the dish

(5) Finish with young water cress

(6) Serve and enjoy

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