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Hay smoked duckling, coffee emulsion, black berry gel

Smoked duckling

4 whole duck crown

4.5 liter water

150g salt

1 lemon rind

1 orange rind

2 bay leaf

50g honey

15g thyme

10g juniper

40g hay

20g apple wood chips

(1) In a pan heat water, salt, lemon rind, orange rind, bay leaf, honey, thyme, juniper

(2) Ensure salt is fully dissolved and cool

(3) Once cool add duck crown`s ensuring they are completely covered in the brine and leave inside brine for 12 hours

(4) After 12 hours remove from brine and quickly blanch in boiling water (must be a rolling boil ) for 7 seconds and immediately plunge in an ice bath, this will shock the skins

(5) Place on a tray and leave uncovered skin side up in the refrigerator for a further 12 hours (this will help achieve a nice crisp skin when cooking

(6) Remove breasts from the bone (retain carcass for later use)

(7) Cold smoke Duck breasts for 2 hours using hay and wood chips

(8) For serving on a gentle heat pan fry the duck breast skin side down until fat is rendered, skin is crisp and golden in color

(9) Place in an oven at 60 oC for approximately 40 mins until the core temperature is 54oC and allow sufficient time to rest prior to serving

Blackberry gel

600g Blackberry juice

20g sherry vinegar

5g sea salt

8g agar

(1) In a pan boil 500g blackberry juice, sherry vinegar and sea salt

(2) Whisk in agar and continue to boil until fully dissolved

(3) Pass through a fine sieve, allow to cool and set

(4) Once set blend with remaining 100g of blackberry juice until smooth

(5) Pass through a fine sieve and vacuum pack to remove any air bubbles

Duck and coffee emulsion

Duck carcasses (retained from Duck recipe)

4 liter brown chicken stock

150 g diced carrot

150g diced onion

30g garlic

20g fresh thyme

1 liter red wine

2 star anise

8g juniper

30g ground coffee

40g butter

2 bay leaf

8 Beef tomatoes (seeds completely removed)

(1) Roast duck carcasses at 180oC for 40 minutes and remove from fat and reserve

(2) In a pan sweat onion, garlic, star anise, juniper until golden brown

(3) Add carrot and continue to color until deep brown color

(4) Add tomatoes and cook until dry

(5) In a separate pan reduce red wine by 50 % and then add to vegetables

(6) Add thyme, bay leaf, duck carcasses, and chicken stock

(7) Bring to simmer and simmer for 4 hours, remove all surface fat regularly throughout this process

(8) After 4 hours pass and reduce to sauce consistency (approx. 300ml depending on the quality of the chicken stock)

(9) Pass through a fine mesh or cloth

(10) Gently warm sauce with coffee to infuse the flavor

(11) Pass through a fine sieve

(12) Heat sauce and whisk in butter to emulsify, immediately serve

Duck fat potato

4 large Agria potatoes

1kg duck fat

(1) Cut potatoes in to large batons 6cm in length, 2 cm wide, 2cm high

(2) Completely cover in duck fat and cook for 40 minutes at 140oC

(3) Remove from the fat and allow to cool

(4) Prior to serving heat Duck fat to 180oC and fry potato until golden brown and crisp, serve immediately

Girolles mushroom, baby pak choi

100g girolles

200g Baby pak choi

Reserved duck fat

60g butter

(1) Sweat mushroom and baby pak choi in duck fat

(2) Add butter and cook nut brown

(3) Continue to cook until mushroom and pak choi steam is tender

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