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Importance of being sustainable

The average consumption of seafood per person is currently estimated at around 20kg, Hong Kong however has the highest Seafood consumption rate in the world at an estimated average of 71.6 kg per person!

There are 7.3 million people in Hong Kong!

Scientists have predicted that unless drastic measures are taken, seafood by 2050 will become too expensive for most people if available at all.

Irresponsible fishing practices destroy marine habitats making it difficult for species to survive; practices such as dredging for scallops completely destroy and wipe clean the ocean floor, destroying the natural habitats of many species.

For this reason we have selected hand dived scallops for our menu, the diver takes the scallop with minimal interference to the surrounding environment, the Scallop is specifically selected, those to small are left and given time to mature helping to ensure the future of the species.

We in the restaurant feel that we are morally obligated to first educate ourselves and then our guests of the impact our eating habits have on the planet and then take action in doing our part to help preserve the oceans and the ecosystem within.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure all of our seafood comes from regulated fisheries and if they are not regulated we have taken the time ourselves to investigate there methods, ensure the seafood comes from sustainable sources and is caught by sustainable means.

It is our responsibility to take action, we believe when explained the severity will resonate with our guests

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