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Marinara langoustine and Smoked paprika tortellini, Langoustine consommé


400g type OO pasta flour

350g Organic free range egg yolks

1g Saffron

15ml extra virgin olive oil

(1) In a Robo coupe blend together all ingredients

(2) Place into a sous vide bag and vacuum full removing all air to compress dough together

(3) Allow to rest in the refrigerator for 4 hours prior to rolling

(4) Using pasta machine roll pasta 1mm in thickness, using a cutter cut the pasta into 60mm Circles

Marinara, langoustine and smoked paprika filling for pasta

250g Marinara sauce

100g fresh langoustine tail (shell , body and intestinal trail removed)

4g smoked paprika

3 sheets gelatin

5g sliced basil

(1) Soak gelatin in ice water until soft

(2) In a pan heat marinara sauce with smoked paprika, add gelatin and heat continuously stirring until gelatin has dissolved fully

(3) Place marinara sauce mix into a bowl over ice and whisk until it thickens (semi set not completely set)

(4) Coarsely chop langoustine into big pieces to retain texture

(5) Fold langoustine and basil into marinara sauce mix and place into a piping bag

(6) Place 15g mix into each pasta circle and assemble tortellini, working as quick as possible to ensure the gelatin does not melt and mix remains firm

Langoustine consommé

3kg Langoustine heads and shells

100g diced onion

100g carrot (peeled and diced)

15g garlic

150g tomato (seeds removed)

2 bay leaf

15g fresh thyme

150g mirin

150g sake

(1) In oven roast Langoustine heads and shells at 160oC for 30 minutes

(2) In a pan sweat onion, carrot, garlic, thyme and bay leaf until golden brown

(3) Add tomato and cook to fondue consistency

(4) Add mirin, sake and reduce by half

(5) Add langoustine heads, shells and cover with water

(6) Bring up to simmer and simmer for 40 minutes ensuring that the stock does not boil

(7) Pass liquid through a fine sieve into another pan and reduce by half

(8) Once reduced pass through a fine cloth, to create a clear stock and season with salt if necessary

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