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Another trend bites the dust? Noma closing!

Noma, awarded 3 Michelin stars, a big player and even no.1 for many years on the

San Pellegrino top 50 list, set to close its doors to guests!

No doubt after receiving legendary status within the industry, Rene Redzepi and his

team will set out on a new and exciting journey, I cant help however wondering if

Noma`s closure signifies something far more significant than just Noma`s closure?

Is this the end of another culinary Era, is this another culinary trend unable to truly

weather the test of time?

If so what is next, what do the people want?

Do people within a post covid world still want to be dazzled and amazed with

outrageous ingredients, unimaginable Food combinations or charged the world for

Nordic ingredients picked from the hedgerows or forests, albeit expertly

prepared ?

Many food trends have come and past, very few able to whether the test of time,

Nouvelle, molecular, vegan centric etc...

All still have there place in some form as there will always be a place, ultimately

styles become trends because of popularity and things are popular because the majority like them, but, as that hype / popularity dwindles the pot to fish from becomes

smaller, there remains as always merit in the work as this is what made them popular

in the first place !

Of all the food trends of recent years, those sustainably driven are without doubt the

most significant, not necessarily my favorites but those I truly believe can and will stand the test of time, through necessity if nothing else, it is our responsibility as chef`s to make sustainably work, my biggest fear though is that we are shoving it down the throat of restaurant patrons, over charging the hype and making it inaccessible to the mases!

Sustainability to me seems more profit driven than actual heart-felt care and appreciation for our home, planet earth!

Foraging and cooking wild food is a beautiful form of cookery, I personally love

the creativity of taking wild foods from the hedgerows, creating dishes and menus in

this way!

Do restaurant patrons share this passion, respect for the creativity and love the

kindness it shows our planet?

Do guests want to or will continue to accept paying excessive amounts for this

style of cookery?

I`m not so sure they will now and maybe Rene and the team feel the

same way?

Do guests still want to be shocked and amazed, delighted by tiny morsels of food such as ants, bear honey etc..?

Perhaps people in general have reached the limit of unexpected, on the edge and unpredictable?

perhaps for now at least!

Perhaps for now people would prefer comfort, reassurance and just familiar,

deliciously well prepared food!

If you have enjoyed this article and would like to learn more on my take on sustainable cooking / dining please checkout the subsequent article dedicated to sustainability.

Sustainable dining, don`t shove down my throat!

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