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Asia`s 50 best restaurants 2023? Is the best restaurant in Japan really French?

S. Pellegrino released the coveted 50 best Asia list, dominated by Bangkok and Tokyo each with 4 restaurants inside the top 10 while Osaka and Singapore each boasts a restaurant inside the top 10!

Unsurprisingly Japan takes precedence as the culinary capital of Asia, Japanese cuisine is a personal preference of mine, incredible produce, beautiful clean presentation and flawless cooking technique.

It just seems a shame that Japan's highest rated restaurant is not in anyway Japanese!

Canadian company, British chef, French cuisine?

Don't misunderstand the chef's cooking is absolutely incredible, having eaten his food whilst he was in Hong Kong,

no questioning the chef or the restaurants integrity!

It just strikes me as being incredibly disappointing that on a list that celebrates the regions finest restaurants, Japan which hosts the most top 10 restaurants, the highest rated restaurant is Asian only in location, in fact 3 of the 5 Japanese restaurants inside the top 10 are serving up French Cuisine!

Surprising given the rich history of Japanese cuisine, unique flavors, the pioneers of umami and expertly extracting this natural flavor enhancer!

It is however refreshing to see a Thai chef cooking modern Thai cuisine in Bangkok take the number 1 spot, this for me captures the essence of what an Asia top 50 list should represent!

A true testament to the region, representing the finest cuisine in the finest setting, prepared by the regions finest talent!

What is your opinion, do you agree that Japan's finest restaurant is in fact French?

Is the list unbiased ?

Has the region been researched fully?

Does the guide have enough knowledge of the regions cuisine to make a critique ?

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