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Beef stew and suet dumplings recipe


300g Diced beef rib (boneless

200g carrot

200g sliced white onion

100g dried Macaroni

150g Portobello mushrooms

300g red wine

50g Garlic minced

35g corn flour

5og tomato paste

2 bay leaf

15g fresh thyme

150g beef suet

50g self-raising flour

2liter white chicken stock


(1) In a bowl mix together suet and self-raising flour, add a good pinch of salt and cracked black pepper and mix with a little water to form a soft dough

(2) Roll dough ball into desired shape and size to make dumplings and set aside for later use

(3) In a pan on a low heat cook onions and garlic until golden in color and nicely caramelized

(4) Remove onions from the pan, increase the heat and add diced carrot and Portobello

mushrooms, thyme and bay leaf and sweat until golden color

(5) Coat beef in corn flour add to the pan and fry until golden in color

(6) Add tomato paste and gently cook out

(7) Return onions to the pan and then deglaze the pan with red wine

(8) Add chicken stock and gently simmer for 2 hours, adding water if necessary

(9) After 2 hours, add Macaroni and dumplings and continue to simmer for 1 hour

(10) Serve and enjoy

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