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Brie, bacon and cheddar cheese sour dough toasties

200g milk

25g flour

25g butter

25g cheddar

20g Brie cheese

2 rashers smoked back bacon

2 slices stale sour dough

20g butter (room temperature)

(1) In a pan melt 25g of butter

(2) Using a spatula beat in flour

(3) Whilst on a medium heat add milk a little at a time whilst mixing to make a white sauce

(4) Add Cheddar cheese to white sauce and mix in until fully melted and incorporated, remove from heat and allow to cool

(5) Pan fry bacon until golden brown and allow to cool

(6) Spread a generous amount of white cheddar cheese sauce onto one slice of sour dough

(7) On top of the white sauce place the bacon and sliced brie cheese

(8) Cover with the other slice of sour dough

(9) Butter the outside of the sandwich both sides with the remaining room temperature butter

(10) Place into the oven at 190oC for 4 minuets

(11) Remove from oven and place under the salamander both sides until golden brown and crisp

(12) Serve and enjoy!

This sandwich can also be made without bacon if you prefer, you can substitute the brie and cheddar cheese for any cheese you like, you can also substitute the sour dough for sliced bread if you prefer.

Please check out the video recipe for cheese toasties by hitting the below link

These toasties are slightly different but the method is exactly the same.

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