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Brioche and sour dough vanilla bread pudding recipe

35g Brioche

50g sour dough

3 egg yolks

135g double cream

100g whole milk

1 vanilla pod

30g sugar

(1) In a bowl add egg yolks and sugar, whisk together until fully incorporated

(2) In a pan add double cream, milk and vanilla pod (scrap out the seeds into the milk / cream mixture) and bring to the boil

(3) Once boiling remove the vanilla pod and pour cream, milk and vanilla seeds onto the egg, sugar mixture whilst continuously mixing, set aside custard

(4) Cut brioche and sour dough into small circles

(5) Tightly pack a layer of sour dough into the base of a small individual cooking dish and completely submerge in custard and allow bread to completely absorb the custard

(6) Tightly pack a layer of brioche on top of the sour dough and completely submerge the brioche in custard, repeat this process alternating the layers between sour dough and brioche until cooking dish is completely full

(7) Sprinkle some sugar on top

(8) Place on to a deep oven tray and add water until cooking dish is 50% submerged in water (bain marie)

(9) Place in oven at 140 oC and bake for 40 mins

(10) Serve and enjoy!

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