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Coconut and olive oil cake, coffee cocoa sea salt sorbet, salted banana recipe

Coffee, cocoa and sea salt sorbet

33g Ground coffee

113g Sugar

56g glucose

453g water

20g cocoa

6g sea salt (Maldon)

(1) Add all ingredients to a pan and bring to boil

(2) Pass through a fine sieve into a paco jet container

(3) Freeze solid

(4) Blend immediately prior to serving

Coconut and olive oil cake

200g dry coconut flake

50g polenta

5g baking powder

122g olive oil

100g butter

200g palm sugar

13g cake flour

3 egg

40g coconut oil

(1) Cream together butter, palm sugar, coconut oil until smooth and light

(2) Whilst mixing gradually add beaten egg

(3) Whilst continuously mixing very slowly add olive oil

(4) Mix together polenta, baking powder, dry coconut flake, cake flour

(5) Fold dry ingredients into the egg butter mix

(6) Line tray with baking paper and bake at 150oC for 1 hour 45 minuets

Coffee tuille

5g ground coffee

200g water

30g isomalt

3g xanthan gum

(1) Place coffee and water in a pan bring to boil and simmer for 2 minuets

(2) Pass through a sieve and allow to cool

(3) Blend coffee water, isomalt and xanthan gum together to form a smooth paste

(4) Spread evenly and thinly onto a silicon mat and dehydrate at 54oC for 24 hours

Banana and sea salt puree

200g fresh banana (diced)

30g butter

100g double cream

5g sea salt

(1) Place a pan on the heat and allow to get hot

(2) Add diced banana to the dry hot pan

(3) Toss the bananas continuously, scrape the pan if the banana starts to stick ( do not allow the banana to burn ) and allow sugars to caramelize

(4) When the bananas are golden color and start to break down add butter and caramelize until the butter is nut brown

(5) Add cream, de glaze pan and bring to boil

(6) Remove from heat, add salt and blend until smooth

(7) Pass through a fine sieve, cool and reserve for later use

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