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Comte cheese and truffle croquettes recipe

Comte cheese and truffle croquettes

200g milk

25g flour

25g butter

25g Comte cheese

20g black truffle paste

2 eggs (beaten)

80g bread crumbs

50g flour

(1) In a pan melt 25g of butter

(2) Using a spatula beat in flour

(3) Whilst on a medium heat add milk a little at a time whilst mixing to make a white sauce

(4) Add Comte cheese to white sauce and mix in until fully melted and incorporated, remove from heat and allow to cool

(5) Place mix evenly into an ice cube tray and freeze

(6) Once completely frozen remove mix from the ice cube tray and whilst still frozen coat in flour eggs and bread crumbs twice to ensure the mix is fully sealed

(7) Once coated return to the freezer and store frozen until needed

(8) From frozen fry the croquettes at 180oC until golden in color

(9) Once golden place croquettes into an oven at 180oC for approximately 5 minutes to ensure the center is hot through

(10) Serve and enjoy, as an optional extra you can grate some additional cheese over the croquettes and serve with some sliced truffle

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