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Foie gras cherry, Coffee and macadamia beer butter

Coffee and Macadamia beer butter

50g raw green coffee beans

520g water

500g Chicken stock

400g roasted macadamia nuts

350g Tsing Tao beer

20g Sugar

10g Dijon mustard

25g Maple syrup

(1) Soak the coffee beans in the water for 12 hours

(2) Strain and reserve the water for later use (will be used in foam recipe later)

(3) Blend together coffee beans and Macadamia nuts until relatively fine

(4) mix together chicken stock, beer, sugar, Dijon, maple and add to coffee and macadamia nuts

(5) Place into a Paco jet container and freeze until solid, once frozen blend

(6) Re freeze and blend again, repeat this process three times to ensure the fat from the nut has fully emulsified and the butter is very smooth

Coffee and beer foam

393g reserved coffee water (from coffee and macadamia beer butter)

185g Tsing tao beer

40g maple syrup

5g sugar ester

(1) In a pan add coffee water, 105g Tsing tao beer and maple syrup

(2) Bring to boil and reduce by 50%

(3) Allow to cool

(4) Once cool add the remaining 80g Tsing tao beer and Sugar ester

(5) Using a hand blender, blend until foam is formed

(6) Allow to settle for 30 seconds before serving

Foie gras cherry

450g Foie gras (de veined)

25g sherry

15g brandy

4g salt

1kg fresh sour cherry juice

10g agar

(1) Bring Foie gras to room temperature and pass through a drum sieve

(2) Add to foie gras, sherry, brandy, salt and vacuum pack

(3) Bring foie gras up to 54oC and hold at this temperature for 20 minutes

(4) Whilst still warm blend the foie gras until fine

(5) Place foie gras into a bowl over an ice bath and whisk to emulsify the fat until smooth like a soft butter consistency

(6) Place into a full ball 1oZ silicon mould (work quickly if the foie gras is to firm it will be hard to work with) and blast freeze

(7) Boil cherry juice and whisk in agar, continue to boil until Agar is fully dissolved

(8) Pass cherry mix through a fine sieve into a tall narrow container and hold at 64oC (the agar will set at 60oC)

(9) Remove foie gras from the silicon mould and gently push a toothpick into the centre of the foie gras until mid-way through

(10) Dip the frozen foie gras into the cherry gel, the gel will set instantly to the frozen foie gras repeat a further two more times, a total of 3 layers of gel

(11) The gel seals the foie gras preventing oxidization, remove the toothpick immediately prior to serving

(12) Serve at room temperature

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Carlyle Khan
Carlyle Khan
09 jul 2020

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