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Food philosophy

Every single human being on the planet has some form of relationship with food, whether it be passionate or simply survival instinct and the need to eat.

Food is subjective, we taste differently,each person has there own perception of food, how it should taste smell and be prepared.

As a chef this is a tough fact to digest, why do they not like it?

What could I have done to make it better?

Perfection is rarely, if ever achieved!

Things can always be improved upon however we must sometimes accept that not one dish or menu will please every single person!

I know this as fact but still find it hard to swallow, despite the fifty positive comments why the irrational behavior whenever a negative comment is passed?

Passion for food, ego or maybe both?

I believe as a chef or cook at any level it is important to eat your own food.

Did I enjoy it?

Was it a fair representation of my style and how I believe food should taste and be prepared?

Yes!...... Then the dish or meal is a success!

No?...... How can I expect something I do not like nor believe in to be well received?

In fact I think the only important question anyone should ask themselves after eating is, did I enjoy the food?

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