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French toast with plum and blueberry compote recipe

Plum and blueberry compote

160g fresh plums (stone removed) (approx. 3-4 plums)

50g Blueberries

40g Sugar

100g Water

1 tea spoon Ground cinnamon

1g Sea salt

(1) Roughly chop plums and place all ingredients into a pan

(2) Place on a low heat and simmer until fruit is cooked to a compote consistency and reduce sugar / water until glazed and sticky.

(3) Cool and retain for later use

French toast

2 medium sized free range eggs

2 slices of white bread

20g sugar

½ tea spoon Vanilla essence

Extra sugar for cooking

(1) Whisk together eggs, sugar and vanilla essence until light and airy

(2) Add bread to egg mix, completely cover and allow bread to absorb as much as possible

(3) Place a non-stick frying pan on a low heat and allow to get warm

(4) Add a knob of butter to the pan and sprinkle in a little sugar (tip the sugar will caramelize giving a little extra sweet crisp outside)

(5) Place in bread and cook both sides until golden brown

(6) Serve toast with fruit compote and natural yogurt

(7) Enjoy!

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