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Green tea panna cotta, mango foam, cornflake tuille recipe

Green tea panna cotta

300g milk

375g cream

10g gelatin sheet

125g sugar

3tsp green tea powder

(1) Soak gelatin in water

(2) In a pan mix together milk, cream, sugar and green tea powder and bring to boil

(3) Whisk in gelatin, pass, pour into molds and set in the fridge

Mango foam

500g mango puree

3 gelatin sheets

(1) Soak gelatin in water

(2) Bring mango puree to the boil, whisk in gelatin and pass

(3) Place into a cream charger and charge with 3 gas cans

Corn flake tuille

450g milk

28g butter

85g sugar

7g salt

85g corn flakes

(1) Bring to boil Milk, butter, sugar, salt

(2) Add cornflakes and simmer for 3 mins or until real soft

(3) Blend to a puree

(4) Spread flat on a tray and cook in oven at 145 oC for 20 mins

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