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Guinness bread recipe

500g Strong bread flour

10g sea salt

10g dry yeast

60g Guinness

10g sugar

Warm tepid water approx. 250ml

(1) Mix together flour, salt and sugar

(2) Mix yeast with 50 ml warm water to activate the yeast

(3) Using a food mixer with a dough hook slowly add Guinness to flour, salt, sugar

(4) Slowly add yeast / water mix and fully incorporate

(5) Slowly add remaining warm water a little at a time whilst mixing to form a smooth dough which will feel slightly clammy but not sticky to touch (please note that the dough will require slightly more or less water depending on the humidity and may be slightly different each time)

(6) Remove dough from mixer and continue to knead by hand until smooth (remember not to over work the dough as it will become tight)

(7) Place a warm damp cloth over the bread and leave in a warm place to prove until double in size

(8) Knock back the bread (knead to original size) and roll into 60g rolls

(9) Place dough balls onto nonstick paper on a tray, each dough ball should be 2 inches apart

(10) Make 2 slices across each dough ball and dust with flour

(11) Allow dough to prove until double in size

(12) Bake in oven at 220oC for 12 minuets

(13) Turn oven down to 190oC and continue to bake for 6 minuets

(14) Remove bread from tray, place onto a cooling rack and allow to cool

Enjoy, I recommend you eat these rolls whilst they are still warm

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May 28, 2021

This is great

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