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Lightly cured and torched Atlantic Mackerel, cucumber fluid gel, crisp quinoa recipe


1 Whole Atlantic Mackerel (sashimi grade)

Sea salt


1 lime

(1) Scale, Fillet and pin bone Mackerel

(2) Cut each Mackerel fillet in half-length ways, cutting along the blood line

(3) Place together the two top fillets, skin facing outwards and tightly wrap in cling film to form a cylinder, repeat this with the two belly pieces also.

(4) Place into the refrigerator to allow the fish to set into the cylindrical shape

(5) Cut the two mackerel cylinders into four equal sized pieces and remove cling film

(6) Separate the two pieces of Mackerel and lightly season the flesh side with sea salt sugar, zest and juice of lime

(7) Place together the two pieces of fish, skin side facing outwards and allow to cure for 10 minuets

(8) Scorch fish skin with a blow torch until crisp and serve immediately

Cucumber fluid gel

556g Cucumber juice (blend and pass fresh cucumbers to make juice)

20g Lime juice

1 lime zest

20g sugar

10g Agar

(1) In a bowl mix together 400g cucumber juice, lime juice and lime zest (retain 50g of this juice later for blending the fluid gel)

(2) In a pan add 156g cucumber juice and sugar, bring to boil and pass through a cloth to remove any brown sediment, return to the boil and whisk in Agar

(3) Ensure that the juice / Agar is boiling and add to cucumber / lime juice, whisk together and cool down rapidly over an ice bath to ensure the juice does not discolor and turn brown

(4) Chill and allow to set fully

(5) Once set blend cucumber agar jelly adding the 50g of retained juice until smooth and gel like in consistency

(6) Pass through a fine sieve and vacuum pack to remove all air bubbles

Crisp quinoa

200g Quinoa

2 liter water

Sea salt

(1) In a pan add quinoa and water, pinch of sea salt and bring to boil

(2) Once boiling reduce heat and simmer quinoa until very well cooked and water has reduced to a thick overcooked consistency

(3) Blend until smooth and season with sea salt

(4) Spread a thin layer on to a silicon mat and dehydrate at 50oC for 12 hours

(5) Leave for a further 12 hours uncovered at room temperature

(6) Fry at 180oC until crisp, season and serve

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