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Poached Canadian lobster, Fra diavolo gel, crisp seaweed, baby heirloom tomatoes

Fra Diavolo fluid gel

500g Fra Diavolo sauce

8g Agar

100g lobster stock

(1) In a pan add Fra Diavolo sauce and boil

(2) Once boiling add in agar, return to boil and whisk until agar is fully dissolved

(3) Remove from heat place into container and allow to cool and set

(4) Once set and cold, dice the Fra Diavolo gel, blend with lobster stock until smooth and pass through a fine sieve

Crisp seaweed

100g boiled white rice

100g good quality sushi nori

10g light soy sauce

10g Mirin

300g water

(1) In a pan add rice and water

(2) Bring to the boil and continue to cook until rice is very soft and starts to break down and is very thick in consistency

(3) Whilst hot add sushi nori

(4) Add soy sauce, mirin and blend until smooth

(5) Spread evenly a thin layer onto a silicon mat and dehydrate for 12 hours at 56oC

(6) Allow to sit uncovered at room temperature for a further 12 hours

(7) Deep fry at 180oC season and serve

Heirloom cherry tomatoes

200g tomatoes

5g sugar

5g sea salt

10g extra virgin olive oil

8g xeres vinegar

10g white balsamic vinegar

(1) In a pan of boiling water poach tomatoes for 10 seconds and immediately refresh in ice water

(2) Keeping the tomatoes whole, remove the skins and pat dry with a towel

(3) In a bowl add all remaining ingredients and mix together

(4) Add tomatoes and lightly dress


1 whole Canadian lobster

(1) Remove tail and claw from the body (retain head / body for stock)

(2) Tie a long metal stick to the tail to ensure it remains straight during cooking

(3) Cook the claws in boiling water for 4 minutes and then immediately plunge into ice water

(4) Cook tail in boiling water for 40 seconds and immediately plunge into ice water

(5) Remove shell from lobster tail and tightly wrap into a cylinder using cling film

(6) Cook tail at 56oC for 12 minutes, plunge into ice water and retain for later use

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