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Tiramisu recipe

Mascarpone 332g

Egg yolk 66g

Sugar 36g

Kahlua 30g

Amaretto 14g

Egg white 86g

Sugar 36g

Gelatin sheet 4g

Coffee syrup 200g (Expresso coffee sweetened to taste)

Lady fingers 10 (sponge)

(1) In a pan bring to boil Kahlua and amaretto, remove from the heat and add presoaked gelatin sheet and stir until fully dissolved

(2) Whisk together egg yolk and sugar, add mascarpone, alcohol and gelatin mix and mix until fully incorporated, set aside

(3) Whisk together egg white and sugar until stiff peak is formed

(4) Gently fold egg white and egg yolk mix together until fully incorporated

(5) Place lady fingers into coffee syrup until they absorb the syrup and become moist

(6) Place lady fingers into the base of the serving dish and completely cover with the tiramisu mix

(7) Place in to the chiller for 30 minutes to 1 hour until fully set

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