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Yorkshire pudding recipe!

Yorkshire pudding

Free range eggs 185g

Plain flour 80g

Milk 120g

Sea salt 3g

(1) Pre heat oven to 220 oC

(2) In a bowl beat together eggs using a whisk

(3) Sieve flour on to the eggs and mix together until evenly incorporated

(4) Add salt and milk to egg and flour mixture and mix together to make the batter

(5) Place oil into Yorkshire pudding tin (fill approximately ¼ with oil) and place in to pre heated oven and heat for 8 minutes

(6) ½ fill the Yorkshire pudding tin with batter and quickly return to the oven (do not allow tin, oil or oven to cool)

(7) Cook at 220oc for 15 minutes (do not open the oven door)

(8) Without opening the oven door reduce the temperature to 180oC and cook for a further 15 minutes

(9) Serve and enjoy!

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