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Caramelized Plum cake recipe!

4 medium sized plums (halved and stone removed)

15 g butter

120g sugar

2 eggs

60g all purpose flour

(1) Pre heat oven to 180oC

(2) place a pan on a low heat, add plums and continue to heat until plums start to caramelize

(3) Add butter and 60g of sugar and continue to heat gently, turning the plums occasionally until soft and well caramelized, remove from heat and retain for later use

(4)In a bowl whisk together eggs and remaining 60g of sugar until sabayon (thick and white in color)

(5) Add flour to eggs and sugar and gently fold in until fully incorporated

(6) Grease 4 mini cake tins with butter and sugar until fully coated

(7) Place 2 halves of the plums in to the bottom of the tin, evenly split any remaining plum syrup in to the 4 cake tins

(8) On top of the plums add cake mix evenly split between the 4 tins

(9) Place in to the oven and bake at 180oC for 15-20 minuets until golden brown (tip prick the cakes with a knife if the blade comes out clean the cakes are ready)

(10) Run a knife around the cake tin edge to loosen the cake from the tin and turn on to a plate

(11) Serve and enjoy! (tip: serve warm with vanilla ice cream)

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Maria Campos
Maria Campos
Mar 11, 2021

Please I am American do recipe in cups teaspoons thank u so

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