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Carrot cake and cream cheese frosting

Carrot cake

140g vegetable oil

205g Sugar

75g egg

3g cinnamon

180g plain flour

3g salt

2g baking powder

4g bicarbonate soda

240g grated carrot

(1) Using an electric food mixer, whisk together vegetable oil, sugar and egg on maximum speed for 10 minutes until full emulsified (should appear pale and thick)

(2) Mix together all dry ingredients and pass through a sieve

(3) Slowly incorporate the dry ingredients into the egg, oil, sugar mixture

(4) Fold carrot into the cake mixture

(5) Place into a tray lined with baking paper and bake at 160 oC for 15-20 minutes

Cream cheese frosting

170g cream cheese

225g icing sugar

1 vanilla pod (seeds only)

115g butter (small dice)

(1) Place all ingredients into a mixer and beat until smooth

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