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Chocolate and mango cup cake recipe

Cocoa sponge

1 egg

2 egg white

40g sugar

10g plain flour

20g cocoa powder

Method: (1) whisk together eggs and sugar

(2) Add flour, cocoa powder and make sure it is well mixed without lumps

(3)Place into a co2 charger (cream whip) and charge with 2 co2 chargers

(4) place into a paper cup and microwave on full power for 20 - 30 seconds

Chocolate gnache

80g double cream

80g milk chocolate

30g butter

Method: (1) place chocolate and butter into a bowl

(2) in a pan bring cream to boil

(3) once boiling pour cream over chocolate and butter and stir until fully melted

(4) allow to cool to room temperature

For assembly place gnache on top of the cupcake along with some sliced mango and any other decoration you like.

For a video tutorial from Chef James and his beautiful daughter please follow the below link.

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