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Honey Creme brulee recipe


6 free range egg yolks

300ml double cream

200ml whole milk

70g Clear honey

1g saffron (optional)

Caster sugar for caramel top

(1) Pre heat oven to 140oC

(2) In a bowl whisk together egg yolks and honey

(3) Add milk, cream and saffron to a pan and bring to boil

(4) Add milk, cream, saffron to egg and honey whilst continuously mixing

(5) Remove bubbles from the surface of mixture

(6) Place mixture into ramekin or Staub cooking dish and place into a deep tray

(7) Fill tray with warm water until ramekin is half submerged

(8) Cook in oven at 140oC for 45 mins or until center is barely set and has a jelly like wobble

(9) Allow to cool and place in the chiller for 2 hours to fully set

(10) Evenly spread caster sugar on top of the set Brulee and evenly color using a blow torch, if no blow torch heat the sugar in a pan to a light caramel and pour evenly over the brulee, allow to cool and set.

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