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Marmite and Guinness braised beef short rib

600ml Guinness

45g marmite

50g sugar

80g black garlic

20g fresh thyme

2kg beef short rib

2 liter water

(1) Mix together Guinness, marmite, sugar, black garlic, thyme

(2) Place beef short-rib into Guinness mix and allow to marinate for 12 hours

(3) In a deep tray Cover beef short-rib and Guinness mix with water, cover tray with tin foil

(4) Cook at 90oC for 14 hours until short-rib is tender

(5) Gently remove the short- rib from the liquid and allow to cool

(6) Pass the liquid through a fine sieve

(7) Reduce the liquid by half and retain for later use

(8) Once cool dice the short-rib into even pieces

(9) Use the retained liquid to re-heat the short-rib, reduce to a sticky glaze and serve

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1 Comment

Mike Wattrodt
Mike Wattrodt
Nov 18, 2021

Hey nice and slow! good. but what is marmite??

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