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Olive oil poached barramundi (Asian seabass), lemon grass and ginger veloute

4 x 125g Barramundi (Asian seabass) fillet steaks skin removed (Use seabass if Barramundi is not available)

120g extra virgin olive oil

1 liter good quality fish stock

250g double cream

2 Lemon grass sticks

35g fresh ginger

35g unsalted butter

30g fresh chives, finely chopped

1 lemon juice

Sea salt

(1) Vacuum pack barramundi with sea salt and extra virgin olive oil and retain for later use (if you do not have a vacuum machine increase quantity of extra virgin oil to entirely submerge barramundi in a pan)

(2) In a pan add fish stock, lemon grass and roughly chopped ginger

(3) Bring fish stock to simmer and reduce to 250g

(4) Add cream and continue to simmer until reduce by half

(5) Pass through a fine strainer and retain for later use

(6) Place fish into water bath at 64oC for 12 minutes, if you do not have a water bath heat extra olive in a pan to 64oC, add fish and hold at 64oC for 12 minutes.

(7) Whilst the fish is cooking bring sauce up to a simmer, whisk in butter a little at a time until fully incorporated

(8) Add lemon juice and salt to taste and add chives immediately prior to serving

(9) To serve nappe generous amount of sauce over the fish.

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Jan 21, 2021

It's a master piece!

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