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Pistachio, rose and summer strawberries dessert recipe

Updated: Jul 8, 2019

Pistachio and Rose cream

10g Dried organic rose buds

500g Double cream

110g egg yolk

60g pistachio paste

8g gelatin sheet

30g sugar

15g rose water

(1) Soak gelatin sheet in cold water

(2) Mix together egg yolk, pistachio paste, sugar, rose water

(3) Place in a pan double cream and rose buds, bring to boil and simmer for 3 minuets

(4) Pass cream removing rose buds and mix together with egg yolk mixture, whisk in gelatin sheet

(5) Return mixture to pan and gently cook as you would an Anglaise continuously moving (take egg yolk to 75oC)

(6) Remove mixture from heat, place in a bowl and whisk until cool (much easier with a kitchen aid)

(7) Place into a piping bag and refrigerate

Pistachio cake

100g Polenta

400g Ground pistachio

10g Baking powder

250ml Olive oil

200g Soft butter

6 Eggs

400g Castor sugar

80g Pistachio paste

25g Flour

(1) Cream together butter, sugar, pistachio paste until smooth and light

(2) Gradually add beaten eggs

(3) Slowly mix in olive oil over a 5 minuet period

(4) Mix together dry ingredients and gently fold into egg mixture

(5) Bake in a pre-heated oven at 150oC for 1 hour 55 minuets

Rose Tea Meringue

110g Rose flavored tea

15g rose water

30g Powdered egg white

5g salt

30g sugar

Dried crushed rose petals for dusting

(1) In a bowl whisk together rose tea, rose water, powdered egg white, salt and sugar until stiff peak

(2) Place into a piping bag and pipe onto nonstick mat and dust with dried rose petals

(3) Dehydrate at 58oC for 24 hours

Pistachio Crumble

450g Ground pistachios

55g Cake flour

55g Butter

55g sugar

5g Salt

(1) Using your hands rub together all ingredients to form a coarse crumble

(2) Bake at 140oC for 20 minuets

Pistachio ice cream

300g Double cream

300g Milk

150g pistachio paste

6 egg yolks

80g sugar

40g Glucose

(1) Mix together egg yolk, sugar, pistachio paste, glucose

(2) In a pan bring to boil milk and double cream, once boiling pour over egg mix continuously whisking

(3) Return to pan and gently cook whilst continuously moving heat eggs to 64oC

(4) Allow mix to cool and pour into a paco jet container once frozen, blend and serve (alternatively if no Paco jet, churn in ice cream machine until frozen)

Compressed strawberries

100g Strawberries



(1) Slice strawberries 3mm in thickness sprinkle over a little salt and sugar

(2) Place into vac pac bag and vacuum pack fully and retain for later use

Please click the below link to check out this video for an example of how we serve this dish in the restaurant!

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