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Pumpkin and sage risotto recipe!

Pumpkin and sage risotto

200g Carnaroli rice

1 liter vegetable stock

80g finely diced onion

20g garlic (minced)

600g pumpkin

250g double cream

25g butter

30g Grated parmesan cheese

5g fresh sage (finely chopped)

100 ml white wine

Olive oil

Sea salt

(1) Roughly chop 500g of the pumpkin (the other 100g small dice and retain for later use)

(2) Place 500g roughly chopped pumpkin into an oven tray, season well with sea salt, and drizzle with olive oil and roast at 160oC until golden.

(3) Place the roasted pumpkin into a pan with the cream and cook on a low heat until cream and pumpkin has reduced to a thick consistency and then blend smooth, taste for seasoning and add more salt if necessary, retain for later use.

(4) In a pan with a little olive oil sweat together onion and garlic on a gentle heat until cooked with no color

(5) Add rice and season with a little sea salt, gently sweat and add white wine

(6) Allow wine to reduce by 2 thirds, keeping the pan on a low heat add vegetable stock a little at a time until rice is cooked, add the 100g small diced pumpkin when the rice is almost cooked (the rice should still have a bit of bite but should not be hard, it should also be quite lose but not too wet)

(7) Add the blended roasted pumpkin and cream and fully incorporate

(8) Add diced butter and fully incorporate

(9) Add cheese and gently heat until melted and fully incorporated

(10) Add sage, taste for seasoning and add salt if necessary

(11) Serve and enjoy (Tip if you love cheese as much as I do, you can freshly grate more parmesan on top after serving)

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