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Vegan Caramel Peach crumble, peach vanilla soy milk ice cream

Vegan crumble

140g coarse sour dough crumb

110g ground almond

30g sugar

50g olive oil

(1) Mix together all ingredients and bake at 160oC for 8-12 minutes or until evenly golden brown

Caramel baked peach

1 peach

20g sugar

(1) Peel peach, cut in half and remove stone

(2) Bake peach at 180oC for 6 minutes or until peach has become soft, but still retains the shape

(3) Place 10g of sugar on the rounded side of each half of the peach and blow torch to caramelize (if you do not have a blow torch use the salamander on a high heat)

Peach and vanilla soy milk ice cream

1kg peach puree

220g sugar

120g glucose

320g soy milk

1 vanilla pod (seeds only)

(1) Place all ingredients in to a pan and bring to boil, ensure all sugar and glucose has dissolved

(2) Place into ice cream machine and churn until frozen

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