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Apple tarte tatin recipe!

Apple tarte tatin

2 Fuji apples

80g sugar

15g butter (small dice)

2g sea salt

80g puff pastry

(Cooking Dish approx. 10cm in diameter, and approx. 4cm in depth)

(1) Pre heat oven to 190 oC

(2) In a pan over a low heat gently warm sugar without stirring and take to light caramel (light golden brown)

(3) Whilst caramel is warm whisk in butter and salt until fully incorporated

(4) Pour caramel into cooking dish and evenly cover the base of the cooking dish, set aside and allow to cool

(5) Peel apples and slice using a Japanese ribbon slicer and roll up the apple as you would do a carpet, make as many rolls as you can, each one approx. 3cm in diameter and trim top and bottom so each roll stands as high as the depth of your cooking dish. (TIP, if you do not have a Japanese ribbon slicer just very finely slice apple and lay the slices side by side overlapping slightly and then roll up and trim) Note that slicing the apples this way enables the caramel to penetrate the entire apple, giving a much better depth of flavor.

(6) Place apple into the cooking dish on top of the set caramel (tightly pack as much apple as you can in to the cooking dish)

(7) Place a disk of puff pastry over the apple, slightly overlap the pastry and tuck the edges around the apple so that the apples remain completely covered during cooking and perforate the center to allow air to escape

(8) Place into the oven at 190 oC for 20 – 25 mins until pastry is golden brown and crisp

(9) Remove from the oven and allow to sit for 2-3 mins

(10) Turn out from the dish pastry down, serve and enjoy!

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