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Beetroot cured salmon, Frozen coffee and beetroot foam, yuzu

Frozen coffee and beetroot

420g fresh beetroot juice

10g sherry vinegar

18g sugar

5g salt

40g coffee (ground)

2 gelatin sheets

(1) Soak gelatin in ice cold water

(2) In a pan add beetroot juice, coffee, sugar, salt and bring to the boil

(3) Remove from heat and whisk in gelatin and sherry vinegar until fully dissolved and pass through a sieve into a tall narrow container

(4) Place a metal container into the freezer so it reaches a temperature of -18oC

(5) Over an ice bath blend the mixture using a hand blender to form a foam

(6) Remove the foam and place into the frozen container, the gelatin will set instantly and stabilize the foam

(7) Keep frozen for serving

Beetroot and coffee cured salmon

600g Salmon fillet

180g fresh beetroot grated

100g salt

200g sugar

10g ground coffee

(1) Remove salmon skin and all fat / blood line

(2) Mix together beetroot, salt, sugar, ground coffee

(3) Pack cure mix around salmon completely covering the flesh and allow to cure for 8 hours

(4) Remove from cure and rinse in cold water to fully remove any curing mix

(5) Pat dry with towels and reserve

Yuzu fluid gel

130g yuzu juice

260g water

100g sugar

8g agar

3g salt

(1) Place in a pan yuzu juice, 210g water, sugar, salt and bring to boil

(2) Add agar whilst vigorously whisking and continue to boil until fully dissolved

(3) Pass through a fine sieve into a container and allow to completely set

(4) Blend with remaining 50g water until smooth and then pass through a fine sieve

(5) Vacuum pack to remove any air bubble and reserve for later use

Squid ink tapioca

500g tapioca pearls

1kg water

14g squid ink

(1) In a pan add tapioca and water, boil until pearls are transparent at this point the water will have reduced and the starch from the tapioca will have been released to form a glue like consistency

(2) Add squid ink and ensure it is evenly incorporated

(3) Evenly spread onto silicon mats and dehydrate at 54oC for 24 hours

(4) Allow to sit uncovered at room temperature for a further 24 hours

(5) Fry at 180oC, season and serve immediately

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