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Caramelized red onion and cheese butter bread

250g Strong bread flour

8g sea salt

8g dry yeast

5g caster sugar

160g warm water

500g red onion

50g soft butter

50g comte cheese (can be substituted for another semi hard cheese such as cheddar)

Extra flour for rolling

Egg wash for glazing

(1) Finely slice red onion and gently cook in a pan until nicely caramelized, cool and retain for later use

(2) In a bowl add sifted flour, sea salt, sugar

(3) Mix dry yeast with warm water

(4) Slowly add yeast and water to flour whilst continuously mixing, continue to mix to form a smooth dough

(5) Place dough in a warm place covered by a damp towel (do not allow towel to touch dough) and allow to prove until double in size

(6) Knock back dough and fold in butter, caramelized onion and comte cheese

(7) Continue to knead dough until all is fully incorporated

(8) Roll dough into 60g balls (the dough will now be quite sticky therefore use additional flour on your hands and outside of dough to make it workable)

(9) Allow to prove until double in size

(10) Egg wash dough ensuring it is evenly and fully coated in egg wash

(11) Bake at 190oC for 14 minutes

Check out this video link to see me preparing this recipe at home for my family, an example of how this recipe can be adapted and executed at home

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