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Chocolate Dalgona coffee cake recipe

Chocolate sponge

4 eggs

120g Sugar

120g Plain flour

10g Cocoa powder

(1) In a bowl beat together sugar and eggs to sabayon (white and thick)

(2) Sieve together flour and cocoa

(3) Add flour and cocoa mix to egg mixture and gently fold in until fully incorporated

(4) Place into a lined cake tin and bake at 180oC for 12 – 15 minutes (tip! poke a knife in the center of the sponge, if the blade comes out clean the cake is ready, if there is still some cake mixture on the blade cook longer)

(5) Turn cake out of the cake tin and place on to a rack to cool

Dalgona coffee icing

4 level dessert spoons Instant coffee

4 level dessert spoons caster sugar

4 level dessert spoons boiling hot water

100ml whipping cream

(1) Place sugar, instant coffee and boiling water into a bowl and whisk vigorously (work quickly so the water remains hot enough to dissolve all coffee and sugar)

(2) Continue to whisk until fully emulsified and thick and then place in to the chiller to cool

(3) Whisk cream to soft peak and fold in to the dalgona coffee mix


(1) Slice cake in to 3 width ways

(2) Spread dalgona coffee icing between each layer

(3) Completely coat the outside of the cake

(4) Serve and enjoy!

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