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Coconut marshmallow recipe

25g Egg white powder

35g Sugar

1g sea salt

15g Gelatin sheet

100g water

50g coconut milk

80g dry desiccated coconut

(1) Soak gelatin sheets in ice cold water (extra water not the 100g listed)

(2) In a mixing bowl add egg white powder, sugar and sea salt

(3) In a pan boil water, once boiling add presoaked gelatin sheets, remove from heat and stir until fully dissolved

(4) Add water and dissolved gelatin to egg white mix and whisk until stiff peaks

(5) Fold coconut milk into the egg white`s

(6) Place mixture into a lined container and refrigerate until fully set

(7) Cut marshmallow into desired shape and size

(8) Evenly coat marshmallow in the dry desiccated coconut and serve

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