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Maple glazed smoked pigeon recipe

9 liter water

6 whole pigeon (crown)

300g salt

150g sugar

1 orange rind

4 bay leaf

150g maple syrup

15g fresh thyme

10g juniper

30g star anise

20g cinnamon stick

Hickory smoking chips

Canola oil

(1) In a pan heat 1 liter of water with star anise, cinnamon and juniper

(2) Add salt, sugar, maple syrup, stir and continue to warm until fully dissolved

(3) Add to remaining water and mix well

(4) Add orange rind, bay leaf, fresh thyme

(5) Add pigeon and fully submerge in brine (ensure the liquid has fully cooled to room temperature before adding the pigeon)

(6) Store in the refrigerator for 12 hours

(7) Remove from the brine and pat dry the pigeon with a towel

(8) Cold smoke pigeon using Hickory wood chips (alternatively vacuum pack pigeon with Hickory smoke essence)

(9) Vacuum pack pigeon and cook in a water bath at 54oC for 4 hours

(10) Remove from the bath and place pigeon on to a cooling rack

(11) Pre heat canola oil to 180oC, using a ladle evenly pour the hot oil over the pigeon (allowing the oil to run off, do not submerge the pigeon in oil) continuously until the pigeon is golden brown and evenly colored

(12) Place into a pre heated oven at 180oC for 3 mins

(13) Remove from the oven and allow the pigeon to rest

(14) Carve and serve

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