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Mushroom consommé recipe

Mushroom consommé

2kg Onion (sliced)

150g garlic (fine dice)

30g fresh thyme

300g butter

5kg shitake mushroom

1.5kg button mushroom (sliced)

2kg king oyster mushroom (diced)

80g dried trumpet mushroom

500g Madeira

500g sherry

70g truffle paste

7liter water

8 egg whites

(1) Place shitake mushroom into a tray and roast at 180oC for 20 minutes or until golden brown

(2) In a pan sweat onion, garlic and thyme until golden brown

(3) Add butter, once butter is foaming add button mushroom and king oyster mushroom, cook until water has evaporated and the mushrooms are golden brown

(4) Add roasted shitake, truffle paste and washed dried trumpet mushrooms

(5) Add Madeira, sherry and reduce by half

(6) Add water, bring to boil and gently simmer for 4 hours

(7) Pass through a strainer and reduce by two thirds, taste and season accordingly

(8) Whisk egg whites to soft peak

(9) Add egg whites to simmering mushroom stock bring up to boil, once boiling immediately remove from the heat and allow to sit for 5 minutes

(10) Using a slotted kitchen spoon remove egg white

(11) Pass the stock through an ultra-fine cloth leaving a clear mushroom consommé

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