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Organic spelt with spinach, mushroom espuma, hibiscus gel recipe

Mushroom espuma foam

150g Shallot (sliced)

10g Garlic (minced)

30g butter

1.5 liter mushroom stock

25g sherry

25g dried morels

10g fresh thyme

500g heavy cream (double)

100g pro espuma hot (optional although foam will not hold so well without)

(1) In a pan with oil sweat shallot and garlic until golden brown and caramelized

(2) Add dry morels, thyme and butter, foam the butter and cook until nut brown

(3) Add sherry to deglaze the pan

(4) Add mushroom stock and reduce by one third and season to taste

(5) Add cream and continue to reduce by half and pass through a fine sieve (total

quantity of reduced liquid should be 750g)

(6) Whilst still hot add to a blender and blend in pro espuma until fully incorporated and dissolved

(7) Add to espuma gun and charge with 3 Co2 canisters (2 Co2 canisters for the small gun)

(8) Hold at 50oC for use (alternatively the mixture can be cooled and reheated for later use)

Hibiscus gel

70g dried hibiscus

1 liter water

100g sugar

8g agar

(1) Add hibiscus and water to a pan, bring to boil and simmer for 20mins

(2) Pass through a sieve and return liquid to the pan and add sugar

(3) Heat to ensure sugar is fully dissolved

(4) Bring liquid to boil, once boiling whisk in agar and heat until fully dissolve

(5) Place into a container and allow to cool to fridge temperature (4oC)

(6) Once fully cool blend until smooth and pass through a fine sieve

(7) Place into a squeeze bottle and retain for later user

Organic spelt with spinach

100g Organic spelt

100g Shallot (diced)

20g garlic (minced)

3kg baby spinach

500g heavy cream (double)

1liter white chicken stock

(1) In a pan with oil sweat 80g shallot and 15g garlic until transparent and tender

(2) Add heavy cream and reduce to a thick consistency

(3) Add baby spinach and stir in until spinach has fully wilted

(4) Blend until smooth, season to taste, pass through a fine sieve and retain for later use

(5) In a pan with oil sweat remaining shallot and garlic until transparent and tender

(6) Add spelt and sweat

(7) Add chicken stock a little at a time until spelt is fully cooked, cool and retain

(8) Reheat the spelt using chicken stock and the spinach puree

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