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Truffle, Comte cheese curd, Asparagus, Almond Salad

Ingredient list

Comte cheese curd

Toasted almonds

Sliced summer truffle

Truffle oil

Nasturtium leafs

White asparagus

White truffle oil

Sea salt

Comte cheese curd

3 egg yolk

125g cream

125g milk

120g Comte cheese (grated)

4g sea salt

(1) In a pan bring to boil cream and milk

(2) Add Comte cheese and melt entirely

(3) In a bowl whisk together egg yolks, salt and cream, milk and cheese mix

(4) Return to pan and cook on a low heat continuously moving with a spatula until mixture reaches 80oC

(5) Pass through a fine sieve into a bowl over an ice bath until completely cool

(6) Retain in the fridge for later use

Toasted almonds

100g sliced almonds

80g butter

(1) In a pan heat butter until golden brown and foaming (beurre noisette)

(2) Add almonds and gently cook in foaming butter remove from heat and allow almonds to sit in the warm butter for 5 minuets

(3) Drain the excess butter and roast almonds in the oven at 120oC until golden in color

White asparagus

8 spears white asparagus

Ice water

(1) Peel the asparagus and dispose of the skin

(2) Using the peeler peel the asparagus into thin strip

(3) Plunge into ice water

(4) Pat dry with paper towel and retain for later use


(1) In a bowl add white asparagus strips, almonds, sliced truffle, nasturtium leafs

(2) Lightly dress with truffle oil and sea salt

(3) Place into a bowl and spoon two quenelles of Comte curd on top

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